This is what your results have been waiting for.

Why the ProCoach curriculum can be a game changer for your health and fitness results. 

This January, I'm opening up enrollment in my 12 month nutritional coaching program. If you know me, you know my excitement for this program is at a solid 10 out of 10. Why am I so excited about ProCoach? 

While there are many reasons I am excited about ProCoach, one of the main reasons I'm so excited about ProCoach is that it takes you through a curriculum. Why the heck is a curriculum so exciting you ask? Read below for the 6 reasons a curriculum is what your fitness goals have been missing... 

If you do not know what ProCoach is, read this first

Why the curriculum model works.

Why a curriculum?

Why not just give you all the information upfront and assign you some habits?

A curriculum gives you a clear path and plan towards a goal.

With a planned, progressive curriculum, at every stage you are:

  • learning the right things;

  • building the right skills; and

  • taking the right actions.

With a curriculum, every action, every piece of information, everything you see is directly connected to your goals.

Nothing is wasted; everything is intentional and purposeful.

A curriculum organizes your time and effort efficiently.

You’re busy. 

You want to know:

  • What’s the most effective use of my time and energy right now?

  • Where should I be putting my attention for the biggest payoff?

  • How will this effort lead me to my goals?

A curriculum answers those questions, by directing your attention only to what matters, right now.

A curriculum does things in the right order.

If you’ve ever tried a habit-based program or app, you’ve probably quickly gotten stuck with questions:

  • Which habits?

  • In what order?

  • How should I do the habits?

  • What if this habit is too hard or easy for me?

  • Why can’t I do four habits at once?

And so on.

Habit-based coaching in general is a great start, and it’s a great approach.

But it’s not a plan. It’s not clear what to put before what. Or why.

The PN Coaching curriculum puts tasks, information, and activities in the right order - logically, sequentially, strategically.

Figuratively speaking, in terms of building skills, you learn to crawl, then walk, then eventually run. We aren’t trying to get you to win Olympic sprinting before you can stand up.

A curriculum creates reliability, accountability, and keeps you in the game.

Let's face it. It is human nature to set a goal, take a few actions towards the goal, and then it creeps to the way side as life gets busy. Sound familiar? 

The program creates the ultimate structure to keep you in action towards your health goals. It guides you seamlessly through what you need to know and do, step by step, day by day. This means, you have a structure in place that has you take actions towards your goal EVERY DAY.

That saves you a ton of time and energy.  And, it actually delivers results. 

A curriculum frees us up to build a coach-client relationship.

People rarely change with information alone. Even with a good plan (which few people have), there’s a missing piece:

A human being.

A professional who is there to partner with you through the program; through your journey. 

Research and our experience show:

People are most likely to change when they have strong, supportive relationships.

That's my job. Rather than spending my time educating (which the program does for me), I can spend my time supporting you through the process.

Solving problems together, providing feedback and support when you are challenged or stuck, and helping you discover your own strengths and “best practices” builds a powerful coach-client relationship that is missing in nearly all programs. 

How is this curriculum different from the rest of the nutrition world?

Look around. How are people delivering nutrition information?

  • If it’s organized and systematic, it’s in a formal education setting, and often theoretical. Like a college course. Your are not going to read a textbook or enroll in grad school to learn about glycolysis just so you can get in shape.

  • If it’s on a blog, or a website, it’s all over the place. A bit of this, a bit of that, with no clear order.

  • Also, if it’s on a blog, or a website, you can’t be sure it’s any good. You can’t always test or trust the quality. You don’t know if the information provider is using scientific research, or has ever worked with real people. 

In contrast, the ProCoach curriculum is based on:

  • scientific research - Precision Nutrition has read literally thousands of clinical studies so you don’t have to, and they upgrade their knowledge constantly;

  • best practices in nutrition, and behavior change, and adult education;

  • real-life experience with 45,000 clients; and most importantly

  • actually teaching people how to do real-life things that will change their bodies, rather than just sharing theoretical or technical knowledge.

The ProCoach curriculum was created by a team of scientists, counsellors, and educators who are PhDs, MScs, RDs, etc. Who else can say that?

Is this program for you?  

Only you can say. If you are ready to fully take on your health and your well being, a specific curriculum might just be the structure for you. I will be launching my next program on January 17th. You can sign up on the presale list here. By putting your name on the presale list, you get the opportunity to register ONE WEEK before everyone else (Tuesday, January 10th). Plus, you'll get 25% off the price of the program.

As this is a new endeavor for me, I will only be taking a very limited number of individuals. I cannot guarantee everyone on the presale list will get a spot. It will be first come first serve. Sign up today. More information will be provided in the coming days!

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