Welcome to the Andrew leonard coaching 10-day nutrition course

Start with your introduction video:


Make the most of this course

Budget about 10 minutes each day for the next 10 days.

Each day you’ll get a video to watch like the one above. You’ll also have a worksheet or packet with each video, to support your learning. Be sure to work through the worksheet or packet with each lesson to get the most out of this course! Now, get after it!!!

What's to come?

Day 1-2: Why are you here?

Day 3-4: The most impactful (and simplest) nutrition practice you'll ever do

Day 5-6: How to master your portions sizes (without counting calories or using food journals)

Day 7-8: The secret to making healthy nutrition choices easy

Day 9-10: The ultimate nutrition skill to master for long-term success


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If you have a question at any time throughout this course, feel free to contact me directly at andrew@andrewleonardcoaching.com. Enjoy your course!

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