Your Questions, Answered. 

A year sounds like a long time. Why a year?

It is human nature to want to create change as fast as possible. Here's the thing: there are no short cuts to real, sustainable change. Change takes time. Change takes work. Change takes structure. 

“If I knew in one year I could change my life and health habits forever… would I do it?”

One of the main goals of the program is for you to create shifts in your habits that work with your current life. Short term "challenges" are all the rage. While these challenges can produce some great results, they are often short lived as most people "push through" or make sacrifices to achieve these results. With the year process, you are committing to working through your real life obstacles. When you complete the program, you will have permanently shifted how you relate to food, fitness, and yourself. Together, we will shift your habits within your everyday life! 

Can you break down the schedule of this program?

The curriculum is a full year, divided into 2-week habit blocks.


  • You log in to a personal home page. (This is called a “Today” page, because it tells you what to do today.)

  • You get a lesson to read (or listen to if you prefer auditory learning) 

  • You get a habit - a small task to do.


  • We measure and record your progress. (This can be body measurements or other indicators that they want to track such as energy levels or adherence to an exercise routine.)


  • You get a new habit to try and practice.


  • You can upload a photo as part of your progress tracking. This is, of course, an optional part of the program.

I am happy to send you an outline of the curriculum at your request. Email me at to get a copy.

What is your coach’s involvement in the program? (I'm your coach!)

Here is what is really cool for you, and for me.  The coaching platform takes you through an organized curriculum already tested by over 200,000 people (learn more below). This allows me to do what I love to do (and what can be the difference maker for you): coach.    

I am with you throughout the year, checking in on your progress, holding you accountable, and partnering with you when you get stuck, lost, or want to give up. I’m there to coach you to the next level, one day, one step at at time.  My focus will shift from passing on knowledge and information to coaching you beyond where you normally stop.  Together, we'll bust through your obstacles and navigate through your life to make the changes that will lead to the results you are after.  The Precision Nutrition Coaching Program is a powerful partnership between technology and the human element of a coach.

Also, what I believe is an important detail: I do not get paid by Precision Nutrition.  I am paying Precision Nutrition for the opportunity to bring you their program.  I believe in it that much!

Is this a diet?

No, this is not a diet.  In fact, the idea of this program is the exact opposite.  A diet is generally a short term fix.  It’s limiting your calories, or taking out certain foods for a fixed period of time to obtain a result.  The issue with diets is they do not teach sustainable life long change.  Once the diet is over, most are left unsure of where to go next (and usually end up going back to square one). 

The Precision Nutrition Program guides you through lifestyle changes.  It is the concept of eating healthy, all of the time, which you will learn and practice throughout the 12 month program.  That’s really what this is about: making the best choices in your life automatic.

Do I need to buy meals and/or supplements from you?

Absolutely not.  This is not one of those drink shakes to lose weight programs.  I don’t have any products to sell.  I personally use some additional supplements in my own diet (multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin D, protein powder).  But, I'm not selling these through the program in any way.  

Who is this program not for?

Basically, there's something in this for most people, as long as you're someone who is always looking to improve yourself.  That said, if you fall into any of the below categories, this program is probably not for you:

1. Competitive bodybuilders or anyone in a sport with weight cutting.  This program will not offer the guidance needed for these areas. 

2. High level performance athletes.  Your nutritional needs will vary greatly on your specific sport.  While some piece of this program can support you, it will not deliver all the information necessary for your specific sport and needs. 

3. If you're not open to change and working hard. This program takes a true commitment.  If you're not open to looking at how you operate in life and are not ready to practice new ways of living, this program isn't for you.

How much does it cost?

I really see this as a huge addition to the work I’m already doing with most of you.  The regular price of this program is $215 per month.  For anyone who signs up on my presale list, I’m passing along a 25% discount.  Yes. I really want to make this program available to many.  $159 per month is the going rate for you if you get on the presale list! Oh, and if you decided to pay in full, you will save even more. 

I only open this program twice per yer. I will be opening up my program for new clients on Tuesday, January 17th. You can sign up on the presale list here. By putting your name on the pre sale list, you get the opportunity to register ONE WEEK before everyone else (Tuesday, January 10th). Plus, you'll get 25% off the price of the program.  

I only have a limited number of spots available. I cannot guarantee everyone on the presale list will get a spot. It will be first come first serve. Sign up today to reserve your spot.  Then, email me all of your questions!

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