6 Years As A Trainer, And I've Struggled To Offer this key ingredient, until now.


For the last 6 years as a trainer, I've struggled to provide quality service in one major area: Nutrition. I was never able to figure out how to effectively deliver nutritional information in a way that creates a dramatic shift.  A shift that lasts. 

For a while, I began accepting that I'm a one dimensional strength coach. I teach people to move better and be stronger.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But, it does not teach stainable lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact.  It is not what I am committed to.

This has never sat well with me. I truly do want to work with individuals to shift their entire relationship to health, wellness, exercise, and nutrition.  I want people to have all of it!

Finally, I found a way to deliver on my commitment. I am excited to announce my partnership with Precision Nutrition.  

What is Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition Coaching is a world-renowned 12-month program that guides clients through dramatic — yet sustainable — changes in eating habits and physical activity levels. The program focuses on practicing new habits over the course of a year and building on them every couple of weeks, leading to a complete shift in how you relate to food, exercise, and your life.

Specifically, over the last 15 years, Precision Nutrition has provided guidance, information, and holistic support to more than 45,000 personal coaching clients.

They have helped them completely overhaul their daily nutrition and fitness habits with customized strategies that work in the context of their real (sometimes hectic, sometimes busy) lives.

Many of you have probably seen me share many blog posts from this amazing company.   I am now able to use their coaching program with each of you.  And let me tell you, the program is at the top of excellence.  With our partnership, I now have a platform that allows me to not only coach strength, but nutrition and wellness shifts as well. This is the difference I want to make. This is what all my clients deserve. 

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking to better themselves. I am doing the program myself. You may think I have this whole fitness and nutrition thing all figured out. But even I have gaps in my nutrition and lifestyle that I want to close. I want to be the best I can be. Why might you want to be a part of this program?  Here area few people this program is for:

1. You have been trying to lose weight for a long time and keep getting stuck.  This program is a year long commitment to small habit changes, based a proven curicculum, that will make the difference.. 

2. You have lost a substantial amount of weight and are now looking to tone up or build muscle. If you've already lost the weight you want to lose, what is next?  This program can be the next step in your journey. 

3. You want to feel better, have more energy, and step up your game. Are you at  your ideal weight?  Great!  What if you could further improve your energy level and get more performance out of your body? This is about having the energy to live a fulfilling life.


If this program is for you, put you name on the presale list, and you get the opportunity to register before everyone else (I'm giving current clients an entire week to get a spot before I open it to the general public). Plus, you'll get 55% off the price of the program (yea, a crazy discount because I want to make this super affordable for all my current clients). There's more perks as well.  Keep reading.  

Who is this program not for?

Basically, there's something in this for most people, as long as you're someone who is always looking to improve yourself.  That said, if you fall into any of the below categories, this program is probably not for you. 

1. Competitive body builders or anyone in a sport with weight cutting.  This program will not offer the guidance needed for these areas. 

2. High level performance athletes.  Your nutritional needs will vary greatly on your specific sport.  While some piece of this program can support you, it will not deliver all the information you necessary for your specific sport and needs. 

3. If you're not open to change and working hard. This program takes a true commitment.  If you're not open to looking at how you operate in life and are not ready to practice new ways of living, this program isn't for you. 

What do you get?

1. You get an opportunity to reach your goals like never before.

2. You get access to the most life changing coaching program I have ever been a part of.

3. You get me for a year as your coach outside the gym as well.

What exactly does this entail? 

The program breaks down everything we know about nutrient biochemistry and exercise physiology down into small, manageable, strategic daily habits - delivered over the course of 12 months via their exclusive software - that build on each other over time.  

The very basic details: 

1. Every two weeks, you'll have a new habit to practice and integrate in your life.

2. Each day, you'll track your progress with your habit and receive short lessons that educate you about why you are practicing what you are practicing.  This is nutritional education and habit building you will have for life. 

3. Every couple of weeks, we'll measure your progress, so you can see the changes happening.  

4. Once a month, a workshop will be provided that will dive deeper into the changes you are making.

5. Like I said above, you have me by your side every step of the way.  

The habit-based curriculum focuses on:

  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • stress-management
  • mindset
  • overall healthy living

Is this program for you?  

I will be launching my first program for current clients only on July 6th. You can sign up on the presale list here. By putting you name on the pre sale list, you get the opportunity to register ONE WEEK before everyone else (Wednesday, July 13th). Plus, you'll get 55% off the price of the program.

As this is a new endeavor for me, I will only be taking a very limited number of individuals. I cannot guarantee everyone on the pre sale list will get a spot. It will be first come first serve. Sign up today. More information will be provided in the coming days!


Great!  Sign up on the presale list below to increase your chance of a spot should you decide to sign up.  Then, email me at andrew.leonard2@gmail.com or call me at 708-638-4293 with your questions.  

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