Get in the best shape of you life - with help from the best. Take control of your health and build the body you've always wanted.

This is life-changing nutrition & fitness coaching for your real life. 

On Tuesday, July 18th, we're accepting a small intake of new coaching clients. Join our VIP list today and you'll be first in line - plus the VIP list gives you a 40% discount off the cost of the entire program. 

What can you expect from our men's program? 

To get in the best shape of your life with 12 months of nutrition and fitness coaching from one of our expert coaches.

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Get the body you've always wanted.

Lose weight, move well, be strong, increase your energy,  so you can tackle anything life throws at you. Whatever your goal, we'll get you there in the next 12 months. 

Transform your health, without overhauling your life.

No more over the top workouts or complex diets. You're busy enough. Let us worry about the details so you can concentrate on what really matters in your life, as we provide you one step to focus on at a time. 

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Manageable change. Massive results.

We'll break down complex nutrition into manageable, strategic daily practices that lead to a complete body transformation. You'll develop new habits over the year that will forever change your nutrition and will last a lifetime.

Nutrition and fitness that fit into your life.

First, we'll learn all about you. Then, we'll develop a personalized plan that fits into your needs, your goals, and most importantly, your life. We want our program to adapt to you, so it fits into the context of your real life. 

Guidance and support from an expert coach.

You'll be paired with a world class coach, there to provide accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. We're here to help keep you in the game, no matter what life throws at you.

Scientifically backed. Proven with real people.

The Precision Nutrition system is scientifically backed to deliver results. Not to mention, over 45,000 clients have worked through the PN system, resulting in over 900,000 pounds lost. You cannot argue with results like that.  

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100% guaranteed. 

If at the end of 12 months, you're not satisfied with what you've accomplished, we'll return the cost of the program. There's no risk to getting in the best shape of your life. 

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Big time discount. 

We want our program to be affordable to anyone ready for life-changing nutrition coaching. Join the VIP list, and you'll be eligible to receive over 40% off the cost of the entire program - our biggest discount ever. 

Hear why we're different from clients who've used our system.

We've partnered with the world leader in nutrition education for professionals, Precision Nutrition, to deliver a powerful curriculum resulting in over 45,000 clients helped and 900,000 pounds lost. 

Sustainable body transformation from clients like these do not come from hard-core dieting or extreme exercise programs. They come from a proven approach that guides you, step by step, to building the neccessary habits for long term success, all with a coach by your side.

See how our approach is different from former clients.

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Partner with the best nutrition and fitness coaching team in the world. 

We've got your back. We'll work with you every step of the way, to ensure our program is tailored to your needs and make adjustments so that it works for your life. 

Plus, if you're looking for extra accountability, we offer options for private one-on-one video or phone coaching.


Join a community that cares.

You'll have the opportunity to engage with others working through the program. This support from a community of like minded people makes it so you are never doing this alone. Plus, once a month, you're invited to a live video coaching call designed to help you thrive in your program. 

Take a peak inside the program and see exactly how it works.

Every day, through our online coaching platform, you'll receive a lesson, a workout, and a habit to practice. Your coach will provide regular feedback, and you can reach out to them directly at anytime. Watch to video to see the program in action.

A flexible workout program that delivers.

If you enroll in our Premium package option, not only will you receive our scientifically reviewed nutrition program, but also a 12 month personalized exercise program. Each day, you'll have a workout delivered with an option for a full gym program, a "quick" workout, or an at home option. We have programs for those who are just ready to get moving again, are dealing with a specific injury, are advanced everyday athletes, and everything in between. 


Andrew Leonard, Owner of Andrew Leonard Coaching

"My life's purpose is to partner with those ready to take a journey of transformation; to forever change their body, their mind, and their life. I've dedicated my own life's work to this passion, and I cannot wait to begin working with you"


Andrew Leonard is a fitness industry veteran, having spent the last 7 years working with individuals just like you, to forever shifting their lives. He successfully leads a team of trainers at Chicago Athletic Clubs that conducts over 1,000 training sessions per month, while independently coaching hundreds of others online. 


Give us one year to get in the best shape of your life - or we'll return your money. 

If after a year you're not satisfied with your accomplishments, we'll refund your money. All we ask is you complete at least 80% of the program. 

We're so confident in our program, we're taking all the risk out of this for you.

How much will it cost?

Our packages are outlined below. We have an option for everyone. 

Just want nutrition coaching? The Elite package will deliver our comprehensive coaching program tailored just for you. Plus, you'll have 24 hour access to me as your coach, along with all the group support structures. 

Are you looking to get in shape too? With the premium package, I'll add a year long, full service exercise program. 

Will you benefit from additional one-on-one accountability and attention? With our Executive package, you and I will connect via video or phone for a private coaching session every other week. 

While the normal price of our programs range from $215 to $265 per month for 12 months, when you join the VIP list, we'll give you 40% off the price of the programs. That means you're saving over $1,032 to $1270 by getting on the VIP list. 

Our package features are outlined below:


Don't miss out on the next coaching program, opening July 2017. Join the VIP list to lock in your discount - there's zero obligation. 

Registration for the program (powered by Precision Nutrition) only opens up twice per year.  In order to make sure you get the attention and personalized feedback you need to reach your goal, I will only be accepting a limited number of new clients. Enrollment is limited, which is why you want to be on the VIP list.

Take one step forward towards being in the best shape of your life by adding your name to the VIP list. This is the opportunity to work with world class coaches - and putting your name on the VIP list is absolutely free. 

We'll follow up with more information in the coming weeks to answer all your questions. Then, on July 18th, you'll receive a private link with a discounted registration opportunity.