Your Meal Prep Checklist

Meal prep is the secret weapon to sustained weight loss

 Make sure your kitchen is "meal prep ready" for meal prep success.

To effectively meal prep, you've got to have the right tools. Below are what I consider the "basics" of a properly stocked "meal prep" kitchen. 

Make meal prep work for you and be sure you've got what you need to make this habit last a lifetime. 

    The proper storage

    • Standard glass tupperware 
    • Glass tupperware with compartments to separate dishes 
    • Reusable storage bags

    The proper cooking tools

    • 12-quart pot
    • 5-quart skillet
    • A quality chef's knife for cutting

    Quality cookbooks that cater to meal prep

    Below you'll find 3 of my all time favorite cook books that have easy (and tasty) recipes that can be made in large quantities.