Frequently Asked Questions


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is partnering with a coach to create your vision of life with velocity. 

Every one of us resists, doubts, and slows down our own path towards our vision of life.  A coach will support you in making a true shift in who you are, allowing you to be the person you need to be to create a truly amazing life!

I am in affiliation with Accomplishment Coaching.  You can learn more about our coaching philosophy here:


Who should hire a coach?

While nobody “needs” to hire a coach, everyone will benefit from a coach.   No matter who we are or how “successful” one appears, a coach will challenge you to elevate the game you are playing in your fitness, nutrition, and life.  The most successful people in the world often attribute their success to having a coach.


Does Life Coaching only focus on a health conversation?

No.  Life coaching allows us to open the doors to shifting all areas of your life.  Clients often hire me to make a shift in the following areas: Wellbeing, Career, Relationships, and Self Expression. 


What does the Total Transformation Challenge entail? 

The total transformation challenge is a combination of fitness, nutritional, and life coaching.  It’s for those who are ready to transform, inside and out.  A yearlong commitment is required to participate. 


Where do the coaching sessions take place?

Fitness Coaching: Lincoln Square Athletic Club 4662 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

Nutritional Coaching: Lincoln Square Athletic Club. Online coaching is available through video conference.

Life Coaching: Anywhere! Life coaching sessions take place over the phone or through video conference.