The Principle of Easy Nutrition

Our environment impacts our choices. Period. I'm no different than anyone else. If I have a pint of ice-cream in the freezer, guess what! I'm going to eat it! If there are sweets sitting out in the open at work, guess what! I'm going to eat them!

To make nutrition as EASY as possible, it's important to intentionally set up your life for "nutrition success". That's what our next two lessons are all about: The Principle of Easy Nutrition. 


Additional Resources:

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What's coming up?

Day 8: Easy nutrition, in action

Day 9-10: The ultimate nutrition skill to master for long-term success

Wrap Up:

Yes, today's lesson is short. So, take the extra time to actually do the work. Work through today's worksheet. Get clear on your "trouble spots". Take some small steps towards setting up your environment for nutrition success!

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