Break and review

Today, we're going to hold off on presenting any new material and allow you a chance to review what we've gone through so far.

If you've been able to watch every lesson and complete every worksheet so far, you're a rock star! If not, today's your chance to go back and get caught up.

Today's video will recap everything we've done so far. You can also find links back to previous lessons below. Tomorrow, we'll kick things back into high gear!


Past Lesson Review

Day 1 - A little bit better

Day 2 - Why are you REALLY here?

Day 3 - Eat slowly

Day 4 - Slowing down, a life skill

Day 5 - Know your portions

What's coming up?

Day 7-8: The secret to making healthy nutrition choices easy

Day 9-10: The ultimate nutrition skill to master for long-term success

Wrap Up:

Go back and review any lessons you may have missed so  far.

Keep practicing the 3 nutrition habits we've uncovered so far:

  • make your meals just a little bit better
  • eat slowly
  • use your "hand portion" guide

As always, be sure to share what you're learning in the Powerful Body, Powerful Life FB group!

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