The final steps of meal prep mastery

Welcome to your final day of this course! Let's finish up our meal prep lesson by getting into some real action.

At the end of today's lesson, be sure to check out the "closing video" to leave this course set up for continued success!

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Lesson Archive:

Day 1 - A little bit better

Day 2 - Why are you REALLY here?

Day 3 - Eat slowly

Day 4 - Slowing down, a life skill

Day 5 - Know your portions

Day 6 - Break & review

Day 7 - The principle of easy nutrition

Day 8 - The prince of easy nutrition in action

Day 9 - Meal prep mastery

Wrap Up:

You did it! Great work getting a "jump start" on the process of change. What to know the real secret of sustained success? DON'T STOP!  

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