Stay in shape when you're busy

Have you ever been the in the grove, exercised regularly for weeks, even months....then get derailed by a business trip, vacation, or just the craziness of life? Today, learn how to stay in shape even when you're busy - it's far easier and faster than you think.

Over the past couple of months, I've been writing a lot about how to work on healthy nutrition habits within the insanity of life today.

In today's post, we tackle another piece of the equation: how can I keep my exercise routine going when I only have 30 minutes, 20 minutes, or 15 minutes a day to move? 

The fact of the matter is, this is one of the most common patterns I see as a fitness and nutrition coach: either all-in or all-out. You try to get - and stay - in shape for months, then get derailed by a life event that throws you off your routine. 

Often, once you've fallen off the "exercise" wagon - you stay off - for a real long time...

Worse yet, once you stop doing anything, your body stops adapting. You begin to lose all the progress you spent months gaining. 

The good news is, it does NOT have to go this way!

Before you grab the free exercise program, I want to highlight a totally different approach to how this process can go for you, with an excerpt from my free Ebook that is coming out this spring:

The Principle of Adjusting the Dial

Whenever life gets busy, it's normal want to hit "pause" on your health until things return back to "normal".
Instead of pressing pause, adjust the dial.
I learned this principle from Precision Nutrition founder, Dr. John Berardi. Without further ado, I'll let him describe the principle to you:
"I remember having lunch with a colleague who swore up and down that his low-carb diet plus daily running was the secret to staying in shape.
I had to follow-up with a painful question: “Well, why aren’t you actually in shape?”
After a long pause: “Uhh, I’ve had a hard time sticking with it. We just had our second child. The holidays just ended. I just switched jobs.” He trailed off…
“But, once everything settles down, I’ll get with the program and get in shape again! I guess I’m just on a little break.”
This story illustrates the point perfectly.
Here’s someone who has built his fitness on a house of cards. He knows only one thing: How to get in shape by following a very challenging program when the conditions are perfect.
And whenever life isn’t perfect, which is most of the time, he hits the pause button. He waits for a better time. (All the while losing the health and fitness he previously worked so hard for.)
That’s why, whenever you want to press pause on fitness and nutrition efforts, ask yourself: “What will be different when you come back?”
Nine times out of 10, the honest answer is nothing. Nothing will be different.
Life is just…happening. And it’ll happen again in January, or after the baby is born, or after Mom gets better, or at any other arbitrary point you pick.
And what then?
Nowadays I like to think of my fitness and nutrition efforts as a dial.
There are times when I want to dial my efforts up, and times when I want to dial them down. But I never want to turn the dial off completely." - Dr. John Berardi
The truth of the matter is, life is life. It just keeps going. Practice adjusting your dial rather than hitting pause to create sustained results. 

Yes. Life keeps going (even when your workouts do not).

Which is why I decided to share with you a really simple exercise program that you can do anywhere, anytime, no matter how crazy life gets. 

The program only takes only a few minutes a day. The workout uses only "compound movements" or in other words, movements that require a lot of muscles to be used at once (which means it's effective). 

Plus, it's adaptable. Change the sets, reps, or time for your exercise level. You can even ditch certain exercises if they don't work for you.

Access your free "on the go" info-graphic workout here: 

How to stay in shape when you're busy

Print out the info-graphic (or save it to your tablet) so you can have a workout solution everywhere you go, and never miss a workout again. 


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