Why you should eat dessert this holiday week

'Tis the season to celebrate the year! The next 10 days are full of family, friends, celebration, and sugar. 

Now, before you get all crazy about the awful food showing up on your plate this week, let's take a moment to chill out and think this through...

A reasonably portioned slice of pie after your Christmas dinner is not going to add 10 lbs. to the scale come January 1st. 

What WILL tighten the pants is mindless munching on cookies here, candy canes there, and hot coca before bed each night. 

That said, I've got a challenge for you over the next 10 days: I want you to eat dessert. Yes, I am asking you to grab something sweet!

But, if you take me up on this challenge, practice these two points:

First, intentionally plan the moments you are going to treat yourself to dessert.

That means, you're choosing your dessert quota ahead of time.

That also means you're choosing when you are NOT going to have dessert (i.e. when you stubble upon a tray of cookies at your neighbor's holiday party).

Make dessert a predetermined choice. If sweets show up outside of your game plan (which they will), take a pass!

Second, eat desserts with high quality ingredients. I mean, if you're going to eat dessert, let's make it count!

Don't waste your sweet credits on store bought pies and brownies with "who knows what" added to them… 

Homemade dessert is key. You get to say what goes into it.

So, there you go. You have my permission to eat dessert guilt free this week (if you follow the two "rules" above).  

To help you with this task, here's my gift to you: 10 delicious, high quality dessert recipes to enjoy this week.

5 are "classic" dessert recipes, while 5 are "alternative" dessert recipes in case you're avoiding wheat or dairy.

All are incredibly tasty. 

Put the guilt away for the next week by following these simple tips, so you can put your focus on being with friends and family (not the scale).