Why "doing more" is not always the next step to success

I have a confession to make.  I've been writing a blog post about a trip I had to Toronto (which I'm explain more about in a moment). The post flat out sucks.

The blog post was a strategic, thought out piece, about the lessons I learned while spending time with some of the top leaders in the fitness industry. 

I wrote my first draft.  I wrote my second draft.  Then my third.  Then my forth. By the tenth draft, I was finally beginning to think my blog post was ready to share with the world.

I re-read the post once more when it hit me: my article sounds like a term paper.  Like I said before, it flat out sucks. While I do hold all the information I wrote about as true (and potentially beneficial for people to know), there was no soul in it. 10 hours worth of "doing", and I have a well thought out, strategic post that no one is going to find interesting. 

So, I have started over.  You are reading my revised blog post now.  What is different about this one?  It comes from my heart, not my head. I have taken out all the well thought out points, the strategy to get people to read my post, and the smart sounding sentences. 

What you are getting instead is my authenticity and passion. And, the topic is radically different than what I originally began writing about. Instead, I want to share my story of my path to Toronto, rather than the trip itself. 

To brings some context around all of this, let's start at the beginning. The beginning I'm referring to is about a year before my trip to Toronto, with a nutritional coaching company, Precision Nutrition (PN).

Late last year, I worked through PN's first level certification program. To say that their approach and teaching resonated with me is an understatement; their message hit me deep down. 

In late August, when the company announced an opportunity for their coaches to share what the company has done for their business, their lives, and their clients, I jumped at the chance. The winners were to be flown out to Toronto to spend a few days with the company. 

I turned on my camera and began my first attempt at recording the video I planned to send to PN.  About 3 minutes into the first take, I stopped. I didn't like something I had said. I began my second attempt. Then a third (sound familiar?). Before I knew it, I had a dozen attempts under my belt. 

The video was beginning to sound rehearsed and robotic.  That was not going to get me anywhere! Just like with this blog post, something awakened inside me. 

Before I turned on the camera for my next attempt, I made a pact with myself: this is the video your submitting, regardless of how it goes. Share from your heart.  Go.

I let everything flow from there. What came out in this video was from a completely different place than my first 12 attempts. It was open, authentic, and real. I did not do anything different or anything more. I was being someone different. And, the person I was being in the video is what won me the trip.

 Dinner with Dr. John Berardi, Krista Scott-Dixon, Nate Green, and Eva Tang, along with 7 other ProCoaches from across the globe. 

Dinner with Dr. John Berardi, Krista Scott-Dixon, Nate Green, and Eva Tang, along with 7 other ProCoaches from across the globe. 


You see, I did not do anything additional to make it to Toronto.  Quite the opposite.  I did less! In one take, I connected to my bigger purpose. Hit record. Done.

Here is the real lesson I learned in all of this: living from our heart creates clarity and fulfillment. The trip to Toronto was just a result of living from this place.

In the past, I always thought I needed to "do more" to get further head: Give better programs. Go to more conferences. See more clients. Work longer. Work harder. 

What I've been learning over the past few years is this "do more" mentality will not take me to a new next level. I don't have time in my life to do anymore! No. To get to the next level requires digging deeper into myself than I ever have before, to master my natural strengths, and to step into my greatness.  It requires me to be someone different than I have been in the past. This process takes a new mindset; a new way of viewing life and life's choices.

It's the leaders who lead from their purpose, not their heads, that make real impact. It's my clients who connect to a deeper "why" that brings their success. 

So, while I did learn business strategy and I did learn about marketing plans, what has stuck with me through this experience is how wonderful life is when we connected to what we really want and live from that place.

I have it that's where all of us can make the most difference; by getting connected to what we really want and the difference we really want to make.  This connection will call us forth. We make choices outside of our comfort and our automatics. It is where transformation occurs. 

I share my story to spark curiosity into your own passions and purpose; to illustrate doing more is not always the answer.

Take this moment to look for yourself.  Separate from the thoughts in your head (the should, must, need to conversations), and instead, look inside.

1. Where do your passions lie? 

2. What purpose do you have for your life?

3. What choices would you make living from here? 

If you do not have an immediate answer, that's OK!  Most will not. Let these questions sit inside your head, write out what you see, discover, and develop your ideas. 

If you feel so inclined, send me an email at andrew@andrewleonardcoaching.com and let me know what you come up with.  I read everything I get. I'd love to hear what you see for yourself.

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Let's have more conversations like this. Thanks for reading.