There is nothing wrong with you

Let us shift the conversation of the fitness community.  

Often, our thoughts are littered with regret, doubt, and fear.   We take action on our health and well-being from the place of, “fixing what is wrong with us.”   

I see these conversations show up in the gym all the time.  Most start a fitness routine for one of three reasons:

  1. Fear.  The doctor told them they better work out or else. (fill in the blank: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.).  
  2. Guilt. I just ate pizza so now I have to work out to get rid of my guilt.        
  3. Lack of self-worth. You see this in two ways: those who are disempowered by their appearance and others who appear highly motivated, consumed by a desire to prove they are “enough.”

This conversation does not stop at the gym.  Look at the world today.  More often than not, our actions are driven by one or more of the disempowering contexts above.  We let fear of what others will think determine our actions.  We take actions to counteract the guilt that we feel.   We take on more to prove we are enough.

Living life from this place is not enjoyable or sustainable.  

I do not want to make it sound like I’m exempt from this.  The funny thing is, I am scared to have this conversation with the world. I fear that I will be judged.  I question my abilities to make a difference.  The little voice in my head says, “You’re not enough.”

But, I am practicing choosing from an empowered place. I want to be a leader who powerfully moves others towards their vision of life.  And that’s truly what matters in life.  Choosing who we want to be in the face of our fear, our guilt, and our story about our self-worth.  

What if we brought this choice to the world? Instead of taking actions to avoid fear, guilt, and shame, what if you and everyone else took actions from an empowered place?  What if every action you took was from your passions, your commitments, and your purpose?  

What if going to the gym is actually about loving yourself?  What if the diet you choose is about fueling your passions rather than avoiding guilt?   What if your job is about fulfillment rather than the fear of not paying bills or proving you are enough?  

Andrew Leonard Coaching is my contribution to making this paradigm shift in the world.  My mission is to shift your relationship to exercise, nutrition and life, so that it truly becomes a part of who you are and supports what you’re up to in the world.  

Rather than fixing what is wrong, let us look at what is possible.  Together, let us shift the conversation of the fitness community.  Let us shift the conversation of the world.  Who’s up for this game?